Deep ploughing in precise probe industry.Merry integrates ingenuity spirit into every detail of precise probe bit by bit,step by step

Congratulations on our successful acquisition of the National Trademark Registration Certificate


Recently, our company applied for registration of "MERRY" trademark, which was approved and registered by the Trademark Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

In the new year,Merry has completed new development and production for new products and successfully obtained trademark “Merry” for the brand this time.Trademark is an important part of intellectual property.It is Merry’s intangible asset which embodies Merry staff’s wisdom and labour as well as reflects the enterprise’s management achievement.The successful registration for the trademark not only enabled the brand to be protected by the the state with compulsory force but attached great importance to maintaining enterprise’s brand and extending its influence.It symbolizes that our company has achieved a milestone victory in brand building,which is not easy to win.

In the future,we will maintain our brand’s reputation through the effort of all staff,constantly improve customer’s recognition of our brand so as to enhance the value of trademark and provide consumers with superior products and services.